A Story about Recovery, Redemption, Love and Forgiveness 



The victim of a life altering robbery and shooting survives, but years later unpredictably must work as a home health aide for his shooter, who is now paralyzed from a shooting.



Brian becomes the victim of a robbery and shooting that almost takes his life.  After surviving, unable to deal with life's setbacks and difficulties, he turns to alcohol as an escape. Over time, alcoholism controls him and he loses everything he ever had; his job, his family, and his possessions. All of it is squandered in pursuit of the next drink. Due to his alcoholism, Brian's fiancé , Wendy, refuses to let him have a relationship with their newborn son, Omar. His life is completely destroyed. 

Fourteen years pass and the effects of alcoholism reduce Brian to a homeless alcoholic.  Instead of fighting the alcoholism, he embraces it. It becomes the cornerstone of his existence, the guiding force. His focus is not on battling alcohol; instead it's to battle every obstacle that stands between him and alcohol.

With the help of a stranger, Brian gets in control of his life, becoming clean and sober. He gains love and support from his new, spiritual-based friend Marvin, but desperately needs structure in the process of rebuilding his life. 

With guidance, Brian gets a job as a home health aide, and is responsible for caring for the elderly and people with disabilities. He is well liked by his patients and well regarded by his coworkers due to his exceptional job performance.  Brian's boss picks him to take care of patients that require advanced care.  He is sent to provide in-house assistance to a patient that is newly paralyzed due to a gang-related shooting.  He recognizes the new patient, Taj, as the same person who shot him fourteen years prior. 

Desperate to rebuild a relationship with the son he never got to know and the only woman he ever loved, Brian decides to reconcile with his new patient.  He tells the patient how they once crossed paths. The patient is taken aback.

Face-to-face again, both men must take steps towards recovery, redemption, forgiveness and brotherly love.




Eddie B. Harris 

Jay Rodriguez
Rock Davis

Brian - Rob Morgan
Taj - Walter Fauntleroy
Marvin - Robert G. McKay
Wendy - Tia Dionne Hodge
Kirk - Justin Kennedy
Omar - Darius Kaleb


Shaquille O'Neal
Michael Baumgartner
Eddie B. Harris
Greg Ferguson 
Michael Parris

Eddie B. Harris 
Rich Hall
Michele Baldwin
Deric Angelettie

Craig Douglas 
Michael Harris


D.K. Bowser - Dwight
Patrick L. Riley – Rudy
Felecia Graham - Pam
Bill Sorvnio - Roger
Jose’ Alvarez - Antonio
Louis Scarano - Chuck
Robin F. Baker – Mark Lister


Heinley Gaspard - Moe
Reverend Islaam - Dee
James Parris - Binky
Vince Edgehill

Vini Soluri
Tony Perkins
Jamie Beth Genoa

Candace Woods
Europe Harmon

Freddie L. Jackson Jr.
Irina Babushkina
Nelcie Souffrant
Craig Douglas
James Lyones
Pauletta Washington


Jay Rodriguez Director of Photography
Rock Davis Director of Photography
Larry Gress Lighting Director/Director of Photography
Melissa Watson First Assistant Director
Frances Lozada Line Producer / UPM
George McMorrow Sound
Wayne Olivieri Boom Operator
Snyder Derival Camera 1
Mariusz Brozek Camera 2
Tyler Brunson Grip
Rob Christman Camera crew
Ramses Frage Still Photographer

Laura Bailey Script Supervisor
Yoko Morishita - Production Design
Sandra Okerulu Costume Design
Allison Edwards Head Hair/Makeup Design
Assistant Hair/Makeup
Ahuva Adanani and Anatalia Fernandez
Arelius Sec Ingram Craft Service
Tony Wilkes Location Manager
Production Assistants
Kylil Harris
Joseph Parkes
Alonzo Darden

Luca Thomas Dagiout
Chris Hurn